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Habitattitude is a program supported by Aquatic Escapes designed to educate the public about the dangers of releasing fish and aquatic plants into the wild. Releasing aquatic plants and fish into the wild can create real problems for the native wildlife. Aquatic plants can become invasive, clog waterways and out compete native plants. Fish that are released can out compete the native fish for food and nesting spots which, in some extreme cases, has led the the localized extinction on some species. And flushing fish and plants down the toilet is NOT an acceptable alternative to releasing them. PLEASE do NOT flush aquarium inhabitants. To learn more about the program please click here.

 One way that Aquatic Escapes helps in this effort is to educate our clients about the dangers of releasing fish and aquatic plants into the wild. We also offer a program designed to eliminate the release of unwanted fish and aquatic plants as an option to releasing them. Aquatic Escapes accepts the donation of unwanted fish and aquatic plants and matches the them with proper aquarium environments. We maintain a list of schools and various other aquarium owners who would welcome the donations providing an viable option other than releasing them. Aquatic Escapes will even come out, catch your fish, and pick up your fish for you.

 If you have a fish or an aquatic plant that you no longer care to own, PLEASE DO NOT RELEASE OR FLUSH THEM. Instead, please contact us with size and type of fish or plant that you no longer care to own and we will arrange pickup.

 If you would like to be added to our list of adoptive aquariums, please contact us. Tell us that you are interested in being an adoptive home, what size aquarium you have, and the size and types of fish that you currently have.