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Quality aquarium installation & maintenance performed by

professionals who care for your aquarium as if it was our own.

(336) 263-2766

Aquascaping & Layout Design

Aquatic Escapes has over a decade of experience professionally designing aquariums and creating stunning displays. Having the right combinations of decorations in the proper layout can make a world of difference in the way that your aquarium looks. We strive to create the most naturalistic aquarium layouts possible. Our experience has shown us that fish thrive and live longer in an appropriate environment. In an Aquatic Escapes natural designed aquarium you will discover that you have happy inhabitants that exhibit the same kind of natural behaviors that they exhibit when they are healthy & content in the wild. 

Aquatic Escapes technicians are trained in aquarium design and study natural habitats in an effort to create the best designed aquariums. If your aquarium seems to be missing something contact us so that we can assist you in creating your aquarium layout. With our help, you can have a truly awe inspiring aquarium and a piece of "living art". 

A terra cotta themed tank designed to go with the client's Southwestern themed basement. The tank is view-able on three sides and is used as a room divider to split up their large basement.