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Quality aquarium installation & maintenance performed by

professionals who care for your aquarium as if it was our own.

(336) 263-2766

Aquarium Installation

Aquatic Escapes offers aquarium installation for new aquariums, no matter where you bought the aquarium. Installation is a crucial step in ensuring that your aquarium gets off on the right foot. Our team has installed hundreds of aquariums and knows how to make sure that your aquarium is properly setup. We also have ways to help speed up the cycling process, and when Aquatic Escapes installs your aquarium can even add fish the same day in most cases. 

 Our installation services ensure that everything is set up and functioning properly. We can also artistically and naturally aquascape your aquarium. Our designs take into account the types of fish that you want to keep and help to design your new aquarium around their natural habitat. Fish are healthier and live longer in a more natural environment. Aquarium design is included with all aquarium installations.

 Whether you bought your aquarium from us, bought it used, or new from another store, Aquatic Escapes is the best choice that you can make for a company to install your new aquarium. Whenever you buy a new aquarium, get in touch with us so that we can get your aquarium installed properly.